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Already this week, Poland's border with Ukraine will be blocked again.

Updated: Feb 8

This time, however, it is not the carriers that are blocking it, but the Independent Self-Governing Union of Individual Farmers "Solidarity". They announced a "blockade of all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine and blocking of roads and highways in selected voivodships throughout the country" from February 9 to March 10.

The reason for the blockade (at least formally) was the European Commission's decision last week to extend for another year the full opening of the EU market to Ukrainian products, including agricultural products.

So the protests are mainly directed against Ukraine.

Kyiv needs to convey one, but very important, thesis: the problems of Polish farmers are not Ukraine's fault and cannot be solved in any way due to the blocking of the Ukrainian border.

"They arose solely due to the inaction of the Polish authorities in previous years. Moreover, it is Poland, not the EU as a whole," growing grain in Poland is unprofitable. In order for it to be profitable for farmers, considering the structure of land use (average farm area of 11 hectares), other taxpayers have to pay extra to farmers.

According to experts, subsidies for European Union farmers will never be enough. And at least 20%, at least 50% customs duty on Ukrainian imports cannot significantly change this situation, because it was the previous Polish government that made Ukraine a scapegoat.

"By changing the structure of production, it is possible to help farmers earn decent money, maintaining their number and the size of the cultivated area, focusing not on raw materials (cereals), but on products with higher added value," the experts note.

If Law and Justice, which was in power for more than eight years, developed Polish agriculture like the Netherlands during this time, introduced technology and investments, then this problem simply wouldn't exist.

The expert draws attention to the fact that Ukrainian companies must take action and take matters of relations with Poland and other EU countries into their own hands, and believes that the Polish government must be demanded not to allow the Polish police to blockade. roads of national importance, which according to the Polish Legislation cannot be blocked on the basis of local government decisions (including protest permits), which have already been written about.

As long as Ukraine is not proactive in its relations with Poland, such situations will repeat themselves ad infinitum.


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