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European Transport

Be it Austria or Denmark, Greece or Luxembourg, Romania or Hungary -


Your goods always arrive all over Europe efficiently and on time, because that is the most important goal. Our network of partners enables daily deliveries throughout Europe.

If you need to quickly transport goods from Europe to Estonia or vice versa, be sure to ask us for an offer. We take care of all the problems associated with logistics so that you can drink coffee in the lounge instead.

Since 2016, we have been offering our customers the transport of temperature-sensitive goods (0– + 6 ° C, –18 ° C +18 ° C) both partially and fully loaded from Europe to the Baltic States (both - import and export).

We have 2 small trucks that allow you to deliver your goods quickly and efficiently.

We offer fast transport from Poland to Estonia. Loading daily and we deliver the goods in 2-3 days.

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