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Ukrainian road transport during a state of war?

The logistics industry is legally heavily regulated, and its situation and development prospects largely depend on the political situation, administrative decisions and current regulations. Even in difficult circumstances, the movement of goods and transport are still essential. Ukraine, with which we have strong historical ties, is currently in a difficult situation due to ongoing conflicts. We recognize that in times like these carriers have a clear responsibility, which is why we consistently facilitate the movement of shipments across the border.

While many Western companies may avoid dealing with Ukraine, our dedicated team ensures timely delivery of goods. We understand that significant delays in transportation can negatively affect the well-being of Ukrainians. That's why we place the utmost importance on accuracy and safety. Based on our intimate knowledge of Ukrainian infrastructure and transport conditions, we can quickly reach any destination in the country while minimizing risks.

Reliable and timely transport to Ukraine and vice versa:

We deliver goods not only from Estonia, but also from other European Union countries. Our responsibility is to maintain supply chains and ensure timely delivery of various types of cargo, whether ordered internationally or within Estonia. Our services are designed for both importers and exporters, offering ongoing support for both regular, recurring shipments and one-off forwarding requests.

Our team consists of experienced drivers who have extensive experience in truck transport in different regions of the world. We have in-depth knowledge of transporting goods to Ukraine, including local road networks and compliance with current regulations. We carry out forwarding operations using modern and durable vehicles, with safety and accuracy as the first priority.

Cooperation with Ukraine is an integral part of our business profile, prompting us to maintain our presence in the region. Given the steady demand for transportation services, especially as some shipping companies are withdrawing their operations in Ukraine, we are committed to serving our neighbors.

While the nature of the goods transported may change and the number of requests for humanitarian aid products increases, our extensive carrier network allows us to meet a variety of needs.

Taking into account areas affected by military conflicts, we offer transport solutions. Each application is evaluated individually.

Our fleet includes vehicles capable of transporting both standard 13.6 LDM loads and smaller shipments suitable for buses. In addition, we offer cold storage options for goods that require temperature-controlled transport, such as medicines and nutritional supplements.

If you want to support Ukrainians by sending goods from the EU, we are ready to transport them from Estonia to Ukraine. Please provide important information in your inquiry, including the name and value of the goods, the export and import clearance points, and the date of loading.

In order to increase transport security, we carefully select routes, enhancing our awareness of the current situation in Eastern Europe. We use tried and tested paths to minimize exposure to potential hostilities. Therefore, our transport and forwarding services guarantee safe and timely deliveries when sending goods to Ukraine. We invite you to cooperate with us and ask for a free shipping quote!

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